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Pertti Matikainen, born 1967 in Kerimäki, lives in Helsinki, Finland

Autodidact, self taught, -educated, -learned painter and artist

Civil profession is bookkeeper, but not working at the moment (unemployed).

Graduated from commercial collage 1989, adult high school graduated 1998

Several courses: bookkeeping 1999, 2012, automatic data processing 1996 et cet

AFIAP, ECDL (European Computer Driving License) , Certicate of excellence in Artavita's Contest 2017 (TOP50 runner's up), Certificate of excellence in Circle - Foundation for the Arts.

Memberships: FIAP, GPU, Helsinki Camera Club, Itä-Helsinki's Taideseura (East Helsinki Art Club)

Written a book in Finnish. No ability or money translate it in English. Freely in English: Art Book? - A Book after Making Art. Available for example in Amazon Kindle Shop.

Email: (this is also my PayPal-account)

(Tel. +358 45 657 1837)

Long period solo exhibitions in local pubs (Sam's Music Bar and Ratapub) in East Helsinki, Finland 2003-2008

Group exhibitions: 

2013 Colorida Art Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal: 8 oil paintings and promotion for some other works

2015 East Helsinki Art Club (I think this is not official English name, but anyway) a group exhibition in Vuotalo, Helsinki, Finland

2016 East Helsinki Art Club a group exhibition in Stoa Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

2017 East Helsinki Art Club Finnish Mindscape -exhibition in Villa Tomtebo, Helsinki, Finland

2017 East Helsinki Art Club An a group exhibition in Vuotalo, Helsinki

My art is typically representative or pure abstract or surreal as well often minimal, which is typically not depending of time or place. I normally don't paint or draw anything human made things.

My style is variable, but it is often strong and expressive (often expressionistic) with high feelings, emotions and is some how spiritual (not religional). I don't ususlly produce long serials same kind of works, except now I'm making serial of abstract imaginary faces. I jump from style onto other. I don't want to limit myself, so there are no exact borders in my art. I often have to be near madness, because I think I can't create anything great from normality. I'm not sure where am I going on, but I try to be every year better and better and being on my way forwards.

Specially then when you give your personal best there are the loudest silence.

"You don't need to know what to do, you need to understand what you are doing."

I start painting in 1992, when I made my first oil painting Small Harmony. In 1992 I often practised to make hyperrealistic drawings, but soon I understood, that my way is different... My next big interests were surrealism and futurism, and them still are...within abstract art...

My art is not commercial, so it might looks like it is not as high level than my older works, but the truth is that I'm better and higher level than ever in my own history. I'm promising to faceless world about something, which for I am not sure am I able to give anything or if I am, would I...

Never knows, what's gonna happen next or is it happening anything...

Help yourself if I can't. I'm not inside in creamed asses society...!!! Or how it goes in English...! :-)

PayPal is accepted payment method. Just take a contact to me with e-mail. 

My e-mail:

Telephone number is only for confirmed callers from outside of Finland. I shall record every phone call conversation, which is happening in English...

These small sizes files of photographs of art you may download as free for non-commercial use!!!

You may ask of the techniques and dimensions of works by email...!!!

I'm not a coder or other kind of computer guru, so this is the best site I may offer to you!!! ...but anyway I want to do everything here (without giving anything to professionals) myself so I can update this when I want without waiting somebody other can, because nothing might be happened even paid.

My problem in making of art is that I do art for people, not for the institutions, but subjectively myself fascination art. So people can see something relevant in my art, despite the fact that the interpretation is different.

Other people may do what they can, but I do what I want even if I can't.  Life is a process of learning. 

Some one might think there are grammatical mistakes, but my silence might be loud and noise visible and so on... so might my red smell bitter and again so on...,    ...

I did this today, and what I get was silence... Is this so amazingly terrible or only diffrent see..., what is wrong in this world, when everything new thing in your mind is bullshit and when you offering old shit, it is okay...,,... keep you shits I keep mine...

...and I'll continue, or should I say start making more humanity and repsesentative and really concepsual or how it goes things without caring are there any likers ever... 

Anyway the name of (sketch)work is "Riding on Father Earth."


There were need to make something unique, what it is possible to sell cheaper so I start making these imaginary faces and else quickies too.

It is +400 of them now, so I try to pick up the best of them to present to you my dear visitors. (Updated quantity December, 20th)


For the most of us average is better than geniously done things! :-) Maybe for me too, if not now, I might be forced for that. Have a nice weekend! :-)

Damned. I'm tired to doing all this shit without getting any money. I need a job, where I may take a relax and monthly salary.

Wednesday, 12th, December, 2017: It might be there are no need to exhibit so high quantity of art works, but I want to offer wide collection of my mindscapes...

The fatter the marker is, the better and easier it is too...

"Tomorror It Comes" 2017



Drawed some quickies (12) for video shot.

December, 16th, 2017. 

"It Surely Came" December, 13th 2017

Available making of quickies short videos in Youtube. These recordings shows how my not planned unthinkable automatism works... them are pictures of different normality. I only open some curtains without increasing any myths of insanely working methods.

It might sounds grazy to give a name almost all, even for in a minute drawed quickie, but them are my converted feels and emotions. I give them name looking at them and listen what they are telling me. For every picture there are so much else too but only drawing process. There are whole life in my production. From the beginning into the end. This is my pictured life.

Some one might think there are no so much need to explain, so I try to be quiet for a while, until some one needs explanations... :-) But here and every where else everybody are in silence so I just have to try speak even if I have nothing to tell anyone. Sometimes there are need to make noise, otherwise almost nobody  might even notice you're existing, but loud laugh might be better than noisy cry.

Thank you all my foreign visitors and have a fine christmas time and happy  and succesful new year 2018...!!!

About 10-15 % of my quickies are in my eyes so good, that them are not for sale anymore, but only as copies. I decided to save the best of (about 50/400) them my future private exhibition. 

Thank you for year 2017. It was great to make art again with full power and speed, a month after month more and more until there came 2018... there were about +400 black and white quickies and more thinked work and also about 200 color works (paintings, drawings, training/practising works).

10.1.2018 16.02 I'm not able to doing anything effective at the moment. Thak you for that belongs to our goverment, where you can find the most biggest assholes and dickheads in Finnish history, I think. I hope I could be wrong, but taking away everything what is created to this country within independence time. Here is no room or space for poor people anymore. I'm with so many else no good enough for employers. I'm not sure how long I could make art or anything else either. Rich people taking my money totally away. I would have gave them my poor money, but I don't anymore have, what to give. They take them from me before I have time to give it to them. Poor, unemployed people do not have value in Finland any more. This is new America(USA). We are only existing now a reserve for slavery jobs with minimun salary. Thank God, we still have minimum salaries. How long? There were some thoughts in new time Finland...

Friday 19th, January 2018 1.18 There are millions of artist in the world, so I'm limiting files sizes and putting copyrights mark on digital files, even them are in my eyes not  art work. I need incomes as well normal worker until I get a normal job. I could sell printed copies too with signatures, if not interests buy original, of them where I have full copyrights. Thank you. No more fully free in material in big sizes on updates. Thank you again. Bye.

22nd, January, 2018 I'm not going to be after perfection, but my recent drawings are better than the most of were in last year. I hope I have good possibilties to work hardly this year. By supporting art to buying it, you make to artists possible to create something which may be great on its best.

Someone might think there are no need explain so much if nobody ask. I think, I ask qustions, and then anwer them myself, without depending is anyone interested in.


February, 7th, 2018 Sometimes mindscape is so nervous, that it is better draw anything, but I did it anyway again...

(From serie Pittura Nervosa, marker, 33x26 cm)


February, 23rd 2018 16.00 It might be, that my truth and reality is dfferent that it should be, but I have to live with it anyway.


Confused (marker, 42x29,5 cm, 2018)


2018, April, 5th   14.22 There was a break, because I haven't been good enough condition to work within greater level. Today I started slowly, but my muscles are still within illness and too weak for working stability... 

This kind of things on my mind...

2018, April 10th 23.20 It might be, that my art has  done for long time. Hand is broken. It is possible adhessive capsulit, so no ability to work at the moment. My art is done so far, but I need to show it to my doctor. Thank you for supporting me. So not goodbye, but bye anyway.


2018- May, 13th 10.21 I am I'm working again. I'm not good enough condition yet, but I have to do something meaningfull anyway... and in my life art is all. (Art of life). So you'll come to see new works then and now again...

Good is okay, perfect is better, even I'm not after perfection...a month or two it'll be ok, a year or two it'll be perfect enough for me....

May, 23rd, 2018 18.49 There are under head line "Birthday Marathon" all drawings which are made in my birthday, 23rd. The most of them are digged from my ass, but there are a few good ones too. +50 in one day can't succes perfectly. My day was nervous and restless, so couldn't try to be after perfection.

(From Birthday Serie)

2018, May, 31st I got one art work pulblished in CIrcle Foundation of Arts' Spring Issue:

Losing My Mind on Paper 7 (from serie with same name).

I also practised with making some these kind of things very quickly. It is some how terapeutic to put dots, but useless... :-)

2018, June 13th 22.28 There are coming again something  different on Color,  but them are still on phase one. There are some on size A2...

Phase 1, marker, A2 size

2018, June 19th 0.33   My automatic improvisations are going on better direction, I think... There are still a lot of work to do, getting them even better. I think I'm more interested in drawing, but potential buyers wants colors?, so I might be forced to start painting period soon... unfortunately..., for me...

Another example on size A2, marker

These are going for coloring with oli pastels and Water Colors, maybe...or some with acrylics... 


Hommage a Laila Pullinen (A Finnish Sculptor), 180618, 42x29,7 cm

2018, June, 21st There was a couple more difficult days. Nothing came on better level, somehow good, but not good enough...

2018, June, 26th 0.10 It came finally better after a few average days. I couldn't draw but only a few per day last week. Lets see how it start going in this week. Quantity wasn't so great on Monday, but quality is again into right direction, mostly.

Sketch (under-) drawing for coloring on monday noon. (39x27 cm marker).

Yes. I think I'm ready for working harder again. Midsummer is over. Nothing happens, If you don't yourself put something happen. I'm a man of thousands of cliches...(how it goes in English). ;D It was just a joke. I'm just an ordinary hard working man, who can't get a real job.   )   ...Too geniously people here in Finland, no use for average man... ) Good night :)

2018, June, 28th 18.41 Thank you for all my visitors. There has came already new monthly record of visitor quantity. The most of you are from America. So says anyway statistics. Thank you all (where ever you are from) one more time.

2018, June  30th 18.44 I started yesterday colored paper works. Them came quite much as what had meaned.

1018, July, 5th  21.41 Everything goes on quite ok. I've colored drawings with oil pastels. I've worked five days since last friday, and there has come quite ok quality. Nothing excellent, but anyway in my levels good ones.

I can't control everything with my working methods, so never can be sure, what there is coming out.

An of the new ones. (A3)


2018, July, 10th 19.09 It is markable day in Finland today: a birthday of our most appreciated artist in foreign countries, and here in Finland too, and I'm talking about Helene Shjerfbeck. This is the first (unofficial) National Day for Fine Arts.

It was good day for me too, what's coming my arts, even there was no time to work. I got again a publication in Circle Foundation for Arts' Spotlight 8 -magazine, which is available on digital and printed version with high quality paper.

There are so many great artists with their great art works on magazine, that I have to believe, I'm coming a great one too... :-) I'm happy too being good company... :-)

This work is, as so many others by me, for sale...on reasonable price...paypal is accepted and recommend payment method. Just take a contact me by  email. Contact informations are available somewhere here...


2018, July, 20th 2.55 AM  One of my drawing books, maybe the best, is now for sale under category pictures with headline Darwing book for sale. There are 80+ sheets in book within high quality drawings (a lot of classics on my own history), and the price is 5.500 €.  You may ask more information about me.

2018, July, 22th 21.45 I've drawed something different again, anyway for me...


Next time maybe something else..., never knows what there comes out...

2018, July, 28th, 23.43 I think, that some of my best works are aggressive and strong, where the lines are variable and interesting... I don't like so much stabile lines, because them are boring, but some styles demands stability..., but my main genre is expressionism with abstract and surreal elements, so there is acceptable to draw expressionistic or expressive lines..., I'm not so much interested in about realism or hyperrealism, so my reality is different..., more naturalistic...

Here is some samples of my newest colored paper works...

2018, July, 31st 23.02 "Worked" whole day again. I got it quite good today. The lines and rhythm are maybe the most important things to on drawings. I usully don't use any help like photos with my working, but exceptionally when I draw women faces and bodies, and sometimes photos of my own art.

These three has drawed at day time today


...and these are made at evening time...

It might be, that you would want to see more paintings and less drawings, but I like drawing, and I think I've become quite good on it..., it is relaxing and therapeutic..., I don't care so much if anyone don't want to buy them..., I'm better drawer than painter, but I start painting period soon again, I hope..., maybe at fall. There are a lot of things to paint..., same styles like upon drawings, but with colors and lesser...something..., but simple things with many interpretendings, messages..., no intentions, but them going to be similiar themes...

2018, August, 13th 22.51 My lines are quite stabile and ok now... It needs only a couple of months, and them are perfect enough for me...

A couple of examples...

Welcome to shopping. Them still are going out for reasonable prices. Ask me


A video...


Making of videos are available in Youtube on my channel...

This is not for to be  entertainment or educational, and I don t myself either know why, so don t ask me that, but you may ask anything else..., My art is for sale, and so am I..., If you think my art or me is/are too cheap, you may pay extra...

Have a nice weekend!

2018, August, 29th, 22.41 There were a few days break again, and today I did only coloring with markers. Everything is going alright towards future, but there are lesser time at the moment... I'm waiting for the time I may work full time again, but I'm just too busy now.

A couple of samples of drawings I made today. Them are a little bit different than used to be..., I can made better, when I concentrate with empty head. There are no place for thinking. Them just comes out. That is automatism. My way doing things.


2018, September, 4th 23.48 There haven't been so much time for art, because I have to eat too..., but I've tried to draw as much as possible, and I'm going to start painting period very soon, maybe next weekend.

The first A2-size with this style


Without model or photo


(Imaginary) Flower


I have no idea what works I try to get in through the jury, but welcome anyway!

I think there are coming solo exhibittion somewhere in Helsinki, Finland in 2019..., but lets see..., what's gonna happen...

2018, September, 13th 0.37

Where is the difference? These from at Millennium time, in early 00s. Them are small (about 13x18 cm) and made by ball point pen with straightener.



Them are size A4-A2, made by markers on better quality paper, with free hand without any other equipments in 2018. Signed on backround with pencil to prove originality. Which is better?