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Whole quantity now +1500 markers and +200 other color works in this year, 2018. Sale: zero, but I'm still continuing. :-)


Failure, redo and paste... I'm not cencoring myself now or later. Others may do it, if them want.

2019, April-15th I don't remember anything from the end of 2018. I don't remember christmas. Maybe I was a vegetable.

That is how it is now.

2019, March 31st 4.36 I tried to produce works, which I may sell  reasonable prices, if there are someone who wants them. There is no need to be  a millionaire for my art.


I am starting soon again drawing, but it takes time to make it good, if it will. It will be training time after bleeding brains. There are no exact information what is recovering time.

Never know what happen or is it happening anything, but I still have a change, if I recovering. If I don t I do something else but art.

This is written by left hand a nd I am right handed. Acci d ent happened into the rights in brains, but my right don t work properly. Thank you my fir my English reading visitors.

2019, March 17. 9.44. I've been off. It is because I had bleeding brains. I was in hospital three months. I am home now. I am tired of all shit, but everything is fine. I am fine. I am alive.

It might be I am not going to be  a good artist artist anymore, but I shall try. Have a nice day.

I don t look like that, but It is me.

2018, December, 9th 2.22 I made some color works again friday and saturday. I've became slower, but things going better direction again with colors too.

I continue with this style still maybe a month or two, and then there might come something else, maybe acrylics or oils... I have other equipments too, for example water color pens, but lets see..., also there are some need to do works with soft pastels too, I do not know yet..., but more colored works..., and for black and white I also have galligraphy pens, which I am going to test for drawing...

Anyway you are going to see also different works by me too, what are used to do. I try to renew all the time, even it might look not. I try to take bigger steps in future. The basic work has done. No more "training." Towards future with great visions of excellent art making.

2018, December, 7th 2.00 I'm health enough again.

2018, November, 29th 18.06 I've been ill a few days, but worked anyway. There came something, somehow new, but I'm not taking this on my new style. I think there have to be more meaning, somekind of message.

2018, November, 27th 0.52 I put here a couple of (60x40 cm) bigger size drawing.


These A2 sized automatic improvisations made about a month ago.

2018, November, 21st 22.22 I can do eveything better, and I'll do it, soon... Just now I can't, and I hate the words I can't... Those words are not meaned for me... I may still be very much more, than I've been and what I am... Next year, next year I do not work 9 euros per day, I'm going to work less for money but more for me myself, and for future...

Finland the country of genious people. Yes, you have to be genious here to getting something, getting out of social benefits. I'm not genious. Maybe I've not worked hard enough. So I'm going to work more, so much I may, what it demands. i've taken big steps very fast, but now I'll take even bigger, until everythig is good enough. I'm going towards future with positive mind. Two years. That is the time I give myself- If it is then not excellent enough, I'll start to make somethig else.

Karma. I've bad karma. I'm not so nice man, but I'm not average man either, althought I don't want be common man within these genious people country. I'm grazy enough working more, so much what world demands, but only for me myself now, until I can help other ones.

Common men stay poor, and only good ones of them gets help from good ones.

Good ones not helping bad ones, so they stay poor and bad, because no oppurtunity, no chance. If you have bad karma, you have to change it. Bad increases itself, decreases you under common men, until you aremjust and only trash. A garbage man.

Yes, chrstian people living and working too after karma.

Living under the bad sign.

There are not so much working chance for poor men without education, so you are dependent of social benefits, and stay poor in your whole life... There were good future in yesterday's life.

You may call it halfly lived life.

if I'm not good and genious enough, I'm going to be grazy enough. I'm only in the beginnig and not stopping just now.  My look is in the future. Not in yesterday.

I've screamed mostly silently, but I'm going to scream louder.


2018, November, 19th 22.54 Yep, maybe I've gone too far with my
minimalism and automatic expressionism, and it is time to make

Next there are coming color works with some themes, and with some how
same styles... Or has I gone too outside of everything, even so far
it is too late to change anything...

I'm not sure, but I've trusted I've on my own good tracks to personal
styled fine arts. I'm not so sure anymore is the my way the best way



2018 November, 19th 22.54 Yep, maybe I've gone too far with my minimalism and automatic expressionism, and it is time to make something else. 

Next there are coming color works with some themes, and with some how same styles... Or has I gone too outside of everything, even so far that it is too late to change anything...

I'm not sure, but I've trusted I've on my own good tracks to personal styled fine arts. I'm not so sure anymore is the my way the best way even for me, but it is mine anyway..., Nobody's else, but mine..., That
might be the problem with making simple and original art. It comes too simple with losing the originality.
2018, November 5th, 0.01 I'm going to take a risk, and I'm not going to
offer any paintings to next contest. I'll take a part with some of my
favourite drawings from this year. I put a examples on below.

I may see myself too the false lines, but I don't care. Them makes these the  living things. I'm not after perfection, emotions are more important. I want to feel what I draw. That is (was?) my automatism, and maybe goodbye for it.

It might be, it is time to take next levels in art.

I'll send maximum quantity (8) of drawings, and not even one painting.
It might be, that these are only subjectively good ones (for me them
excellent), but I'll do it anyway.

Next year I'll offer what ever they want, so paintings perhaps. There
are not appreciation enough for drawings, so I might be a little bit
mad, but I enjoying to do drawings more than paintings..., I do the
commercial arts later...

2018, November, 1st 22.30 There has not been so much time for art last weeks, but I'm going to draw and paint some (a lot, I hope) colored works later in this year and in the beginning 2019. My plannings has renewed, but everything has  came easier, I could hope, so I'm very pleased.


2018, October, 23rd, 0.01 I've understood that it is time to taket things slower and give time for other things too, somehow a liitle bit mercy for me, myself. I was quite bad condition, so I had to stop, and rest some. 

I'm continuing art making with more reasonable methods without being so near madness, because it might damage me permanently. 

The times, they are changing, so I hope, what ever you think, is my art good or bad so far. I have to do things different kind of, way in future. I'm not stopping. I'm coming better? Thank you. Have a nice week.

2018, October, 20th, 2.47 By the way, I'm no more automatist. I have lost the ability to draw automatic style.

2018, October  19th, 22.05 I started painting allready a couple of weeks ago, but I've been in low condition nowadays, so I've just and only drawed after that.




I need only a few months and some color works (maybe a dozin of paintings too) and I'm ready, but for what... who knows....

2018, October, 1st 0.29 Finally in Google Play Store  on price 9,51 euros:

So my first book is available now widely. Only in Finnish, but you may use Google-translator or something else app for reading.


2018, September, 30th, 13.02 Please leave a message, if you want to know more about something of any particular thing. I answer if possible, and everything in ART is possible.

2018, September, 30th, 0.38 Some samples of the newest drawings...

2018, September, 23rd, 1.57 Drawed a very high quantity drawings.

I did this kind of drawings already 35 years ago, when there was no artifficial purposes. I just drawed on pages in my school books. There was need to spend time in lessons. So there are anything new with these for me anyway. No model or photo almost never used, them just came out, then and now. I have no idea who are these people, because I draw in my
younghood "older" people, same way as today, and sometimes younger women, where I might use photograph as help.

2018, September, 16 th, 23.26 It took some time, to get things good enough level, but there came again today something...

No cheap tricks used. Not even other photos. Just me, marker and paper, and then no thinking,but only "nano seconds", only drawing... (These were picture texts)
There were some time on Sunday, so drawed a few hours..., maybe next week painting time...

2018, September, 13th This is just opened headline where the newest things are above.

East Helsinki Art Club (unofficial name in English) has a group
exhibition in Stoa Gallery, Helsinki in October. Welcome.


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